Time to Restart

Well, the name of this blog is – after all – “trying for paleo.” Let’s just say that the last little bit truly has been trying. No excuses; just an admission that I have not eaten well lately. I will add that I feel the difference – eating like crap makes you feel like crap.

But enough of all of that – it is time to restart; time to find my way back to paleo. This time around, I think I will give myself a good kick and try a Whole30. I’m still in the planning stages for it and plan to ramp up this coming week. My goal is to start my Whole30 in June. I have a business trip planned earlier in the month and am not sure how practical it is to complete a Whole30 while traveling – so it may wait until I return. I also just discovered that a Crossfit box nearby will be hosting a Whole9 seminar and plan to attend that.

Part of my research involved finding Whole30 approved partners to help me through. Premade Paleo is one. It is a meal delivery service based out of Atlanta that offers nationwide delivery of Whole30 approved meals. I received my starter pack today – a giant box filled with all sorts of frozen proteins and vegetable sides. Quite the variety too! Stay tuned to this spot for a summary of the meals. Assuming that they’re tasty, they really could make the Whole30 process much easier.


Wegmans Disappoints!?

I originally hail from Western New York and grew up grocery shopping at Wegmans. When I moved to the DC Metro Area for college, the likes of Safeway and Giant replaced my glorious Wegmans. Yes, Fresh Fields (which is now Whole Foods) was nearby but far too pricey for a poor college student. Trader Joe’s was years away. Fast forward a few years WLOGOLOCKUPBLKand Wegmans made its grand debut in the DC Metro Area; well outside the beltway, but it was here! 30-45 minute drives each way were nothing more than a minor inconvenience to enable me to have my beloved Wegmans again!

When the nutrition challenge started in January, we only needed small add-on items to have on hand – no justification for the trek out to Wegmans. But as the weeks have passed, and my commitment to paleo has remained, I have tried to branch out a bit more in the kitchen. So, we ventured out to Wegmans with the excitement of kids visiting Disney World. To our shock and dismay, Wegmans did not deliver!

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Adventures in Paleo Shopping

Shortly after starting Crossfit, I decided to take a look at changing the way I was eating. My box had an arrangement with Power Supply DC – a local company providing freshly made, paleo-compliant meals delivered to certain locations throughout the region. I decided to give it a try. Although expensive, it essentially meant little to no grocery shopping because I would receive 10 meals per week (lunch and dinner Monday through Friday). Although the meals consistently improved over time, the one downside with Power Supply is the lack of a selection. The company sets a menu – 5 lunches and 5 dinners for the week (Mon-Wed lunches and dinners; Thu-Fri lunches and dinners).

Beginning in January, my box added a new option, Custom Fit Meals – a meal delivery service offering fresh, all natural meals, including paleo and primal options. One great feature of Custom Fit Meals is that it offers a number of different meal selections each week and permit the customers to make selections from that list.

Despite ordering these meals, I have found it necessary to do a bit of shopping in order to stay paleo-compliant on weekends and in between meals. The hunt was on for paleo friendly snacks and foods.

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