A little burger love

The paleo lifestyle is about eating clean, healthy, unprocessed food, which generally means advance preparation and a bit of time. Clearly, our busy lifestyles do not always permit us to be as “prefect” in applying these principles as we would like. For me, occasional meals of convenience (and indulgence) have come in the form of burgers; juicy, meaty, tasty burgers!

My three go-to places: Elevation Burger, Burger 7, and BGR The Burger Joint. Each place has its advantages, but . . .

  • Elevation Burger uses 100% grass-fed, free-range, organic beef and each restaurant grounds its beef on premises;
  • Burger 7 offers 100% grass fed beef hot dogs but only commits to beef that is humanely raised and fed a “high quality vegetarian diet”; and
  • BGR offers all natural, grain-fed, free-range beef.

Although not technically permitted for the paleo perfectionist (except for one of BGR’s options),

  • Elevation Burger offers fresh-cut french fries cooked in 100% olive oil
  • Burger 7 offers both regular and sweet potato fries cooked in olive oil
  • BGR offers both regular and sweet potato fries as well as … wait for it … grilled asparagus spears!

All three will serve the burger without a bun if asked, but both Elevation Burger and Burger 7 have a lettuce wrap option listed directly on the menu.