Preliminary Paleo Recipes

My first official foray into cooking paleo-friendly meals began with a delicious (let me say that again, delicious) recipe from the awesome site, Nom Nom Paleo. In fact, the blog dedicated the month of January to a Whole30, and posted new recipes for each day! (Here’s the round-up post.) Where did I start? Day 20: Slow Cooker Korean Short Ribs.

Korean Short Ribs

For those of you who are not rib connoisseurs – which, for the record, includes me – here is your down and dirty lesson on the different types of ribs, courtesy of Saveur Magazine:

  • Spare ribs: Pork ribs cut as near the bone as possible from the belly of the pig;
  • Baby back ribs: Pork ribs from the loin on either side of the spine; lean, quick-cooking;
  • Short ribs: Beef ribs taken from the bottom of the rib cage; can be cut individually or as a slab containing several bones.

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