Wegmans Disappoints!?

I originally hail from Western New York and grew up grocery shopping at Wegmans. When I moved to the DC Metro Area for college, the likes of Safeway and Giant replaced my glorious Wegmans. Yes, Fresh Fields (which is now Whole Foods) was nearby but far too pricey for a poor college student. Trader Joe’s was years away. Fast forward a few years WLOGOLOCKUPBLKand Wegmans made its grand debut in the DC Metro Area; well outside the beltway, but it was here! 30-45 minute drives each way were nothing more than a minor inconvenience to enable me to have my beloved Wegmans again!

When the nutrition challenge started in January, we only needed small add-on items to have on hand – no justification for the trek out to Wegmans. But as the weeks have passed, and my commitment to paleo has remained, I have tried to branch out a bit more in the kitchen. So, we ventured out to Wegmans with the excitement of kids visiting Disney World. To our shock and dismay, Wegmans did not deliver!

A highlight to shopping at Wegmans is the prepared foods it offers: whether foods to store in the fridge for later or hot foods ready for immediate consumption. The pizza, subs, Chinese and Indian foods, sandwiches, and sushi just do not have the same appeal that did prior to paleo.

We move on to the glorious bakery – but no one has prepared almond bread ready for you. Ok, we move on to the seafood counter. Ah! Here we might have some success – sustainable and wild caught fish – that’s something!

On to the butcher – all sorts of meat – all types of cuts; there must be something here! But wait … who knew that Whole Foods was starting something new by labeling its meat and letting you know whether it was grass-fed. I inquired about grass feed beef options (specifically for short ribs to make the delicious Korean Style Short Ribs) and was disappointed to discover that not many grass-fed options were available.

Not a problem – we’ll make a special trip to Whole Foods for those. Bacon – how about bacon? Nope. I couldn’t find the organic/Applegate bacon. Ok, we’ll move on to “Nature’s Marketplace.” It is a section in all Wegmans stores that houses the organic food. Other than some great nut options (thank you dry roasted), we were once again disappointed and uninspired by the limited choices. The brands were limited, and the choices simply did not exist.

We circled back to the produce department. I LOVE Wegmans produce. It’s always in such abundance and always looks so good! But wait … where is the organic section? It’s there, but it’s minuscule. Not all veggies appear to be available as organic veggies.

It was discovering Disney World’s Fantasyland closed for development all over again.

Defeated, we took our small shopping cart with the few items we did manage to find (some veggies, coconut oil, nuts, cage free eggs) to the cash register and headed home.  At least we’ll save the gas money the weekly trip to Wegmans used to cost.


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