Trials and Tribulations of Travel – Paleo Style

I am finding that this blog is covering many “firsts”; the latest of which is traveling and remaining true to the paleo lifestyle. Let me start by saying that it most certainly not easy!

Trial #1: The Airport and Flight

Everyone knows that airports are filled with junk food: from the fast food restaurants, to the bars, to the newsstands with candy and chips. Yet knowing these facts and facing them head-on are two very different things. Fortunately, my trip out of town was early (flight departed before 9 AM), and I am not a big breakfast person. It also helped that my gate was among the first in the terminal – it meant I did not have to pass by all the store fronts! I made sure to bring with me a larabar to ensure that I had something for breakfast.

The trip home, however, was a bit more difficult. My flight departed close to 2 PM, and I had to pass all the fast food restaurants to reach my gate (oh, and let us not forget that my arrival gate was right next to the Five Guys!). I did attempt to find something at the newsstand, but all the “natural” nuts were cooked in peanut or canola oil.

So, here is what I learned: plan ahead and actually follow through on that plan –

  • Have a good, filling meal before heading to the airport
  • Bring some healthy snacks for the flight (SeaSnax, larabars, raw nuts)

Trial #2: The Unknown Kitchen


I cannot say what is worse: going out of town and not having access to a kitchen (i.e., staying in a hotel) or going out of town and staying in someone else’s house (i.e., being exposed to and surrounded by all sorts of non-paleo snacks and food items. I have another trip planned in the next few weeks that will fall into the former category and will report back afterwards. For now, though, I can tell you that the latter is very difficult: being surrounded by all sorts of chips, candy, pasta, bread, etc.

Fortunately, a few (expensive) trips to the grocery store yielded some decent snacks and meals:

  • Hamburger with bacon, avocado, and fried egg
  • Naked fajitas with peppers and onions
  • SeaSnax, nuts, and larabars
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Bananas
  • Fresh ground almond butter
  • Slow Cooker Korean Short Ribs

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