Benchmark WOD: Fight Gone Bad

Crossfit creates benchmark WODs for athletes to track their progress. Fight Gone Bad is one of these benchmarks. It consists of three rounds of five, one-minute stations. Athletes attempt to complete as many repetitions as possible.

For those unfamiliar with Crossfit workouts, here’s a quick primer on how to read a workout.

  1. Workouts generally are completed for time, total repetitions, or total number of rounds.
  2. Most boxes will list weights/heights for men and separately for women (e.g., box jumps 24/20 would mean men should use 24 inch boxes and women should use 20 inch boxes)
  3. Scores with “rx” reflect that the athlete completed the workout as written; scores without “rx” reflect that the athlete made scaling modifications to the workout.

Fight Gone Bad

3 rounds, one minute stations

  • Wallball shots 20/14
  • Sumo deadlift high-pulls 75/55
  • Box jumps 20
  • Push press 75/55
  • Row (for calories)
  • Rest

Count total repetitions across all three rounds. For rowing, count calories. Rest for one minute between rounds.

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