Trying a Blog and Trying for Paleo

This blog isn’t going to be anything fancy – at least to start. We’ll see where it goes and whether I actually post. This past October (2012), I was researching gyms in the area and specifically looking for some higher-end gyms that also offered pools. Although I couldn’t find any near by, I did come across a number of reviews and discussions for nearby Crossfit “boxes.”

I’ve heard Crossfit mentioned here and there over the last couple of years and did catch some of last year’s Crossfit Games on ESPN. I thought … what the heck? And signed up for the “Foundations” course at my local box – Ballston Crossfit. It is a 2-week/3 days per week introductory course to the foundational moves of Crossfit. I started, and I was hooked!

My first, official WoD (Crossfit lingo for “Workout of the Day”) was specially developed by the owner of BCF in honor of Hurricane Sandy (this was as the Hurricane moved up the East coast, brought rain and winds to the D.C. metro area, and closed schools, the government, and most places in the private sector – before bringing utter destruction to New Jersey and New York). The “Hurricane Sandy” WoD was certainly one way to be introduced into Crossfit. Yes, I did significantly scale that workout 🙂

Something that goes hand-in-hand with Crossfit is nutrition. In fact, if you look at the Crossfit pyramid, the foundation of Crossfit is nutrition:


There is no prescribed nutrition regimen for Crossfit, but many Crossfitters follow a “paleo” or “primal” lifestyle. You can read more about Mark Sisson and the Primal Blueprint on Mark’s blog. There are numerous sources on paleo all over the web.

I heard about all of this when I started Crossfit and actually came across the Whole9’s “Whole30.” I thought it sounded interesting and contemplated finding a 30-day window in which to revamp my eating habits. Then I heard that BCF would be starting a 6 week nutrition challenge at the end of January – sign me up!

That’s exactly what I did. We had our kickoff seminar on January 23, with the official start of the program commencing on January 24. It will end on March 6. The challenge is based largely on the Primal Blueprint, and we are awarded points for eating well, working out, and completing various bonus activities. We lose points for “cheating” on our meal plan. We also completed “Fight Gone Bad,” a “benchmark WoD” on January 23 so that we have something against which we can compare our results at the end of the challenge.

Stay tuned for some recipes (likely links to recipes I’ve found and tried) as well as tips for grocery shopping.


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