Adventures in Paleo Shopping

Shortly after starting Crossfit, I decided to take a look at changing the way I was eating. My box had an arrangement with Power Supply DC – a local company providing freshly made, paleo-compliant meals delivered to certain locations throughout the region. I decided to give it a try. Although expensive, it essentially meant little to no grocery shopping because I would receive 10 meals per week (lunch and dinner Monday through Friday). Although the meals consistently improved over time, the one downside with Power Supply is the lack of a selection. The company sets a menu – 5 lunches and 5 dinners for the week (Mon-Wed lunches and dinners; Thu-Fri lunches and dinners).

Beginning in January, my box added a new option, Custom Fit Meals – a meal delivery service offering fresh, all natural meals, including paleo and primal options. One great feature of Custom Fit Meals is that it offers a number of different meal selections each week and permit the customers to make selections from that list.

Despite ordering these meals, I have found it necessary to do a bit of shopping in order to stay paleo-compliant on weekends and in between meals. The hunt was on for paleo friendly snacks and foods.

First stop: Trader Joe’s. While there certainly are paleo options here, stick with the veggies and fresh foods. Beware of most of the prepared foods: many of them have canola oil, soy sauce, flour, dextrose, and other paleo/primal taboo ingredients. I also struggled to find raw nuts other than almonds – nearly all of them were roasted in peanut oil or canola oil. But Trader Joe’s is the only grocery store I have visited that has offered almond flour/meal that is not Bob’s Red Mill.

Second stop: Balducci’s. Great resource for fruit, vegetables, fresh seafood, and fresh meat. Balducci’s also has a great selection of raw nuts and seeds and freeze-dried fruit. Unfortunately, the brands are somewhat limited here meaning that the packaged food is almost always not paleo/primal friendly.

  • I would be remiss if I forgot to mention that one great thing that I found at Balducci’s is Red Boat Fish Sauce. For anyone that likes Asian flavors and wants to cook Asian inspired dishes, fish sauce is typically a necessary ingredient. Most commercially available fish sauces contain sugar – a paleo nono. Red Boat Fish Sauce, however, is as pure as it gets and truly paleo friendly! I was very excited

Third stop: Whole Foods. No surprise here, but Whole Foods is GREAT for paleo kitchens. Not only does it have a great butcher, fish monger, and produce department, there are numerous other items necessary for paleo pantries (such as coconut vinegar and coconut aminos) and great paleo snacks (seaweed snacks, a great selection of larabars – the widest variety I have seen yet)!


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